The Readiness Factor

Getting Kindergarten Ready

The Readiness Factor is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) focused, play-based Early Childhood Education curriculum that exposes children to a diverse range of learning experiences.

It provides a framework for parents to do affordable and engaging activities at home, that prepare families for the social, emotional, and academic challenges of kindergarten.

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The Readiness Factor at work. Making challah with children

Our Mission

We strive to build intentional learning communities, so that all children can explore, play and learn. We do this by providing high quality educational resources for educators, parents and caregivers to use while building respectful relationships with children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to open access to high quality early childhood education by building communities that empower parents to partner with educators and care-takers. We want every child to learn by asking questions and exploring what the world has to offer to them regardless of their parents ability to pay for it.

Our Model

Family focused learning - We believe anyone can teach their child these basic skills
Learning through play - We believe this is the best way for children to learn
Character Building - Focusing on character traits that make for a successful, respectful and loving adult.
Learning and Literacy - read books and use questions to expand vocabualry
Life Skills - learning how to do things that are essential to living independently from potty training to cooking

The Readiness Factor- A dad holding his child and reading a book - Early Childhood Education


Curious about how to get a handle of tantrums or potty training? Want to know about all the early learning philosophies? We have the answers you are looking for. Come learn more with us!

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The Readiness Factor - a child practicing their fine motor skills

Learning Activities

Looking for fun ways to engage your children or students? We have a wide variety of age-appropriate art, math, science, engineering, and reading activities you can do on a budget. Come play with us!

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The Readiness Factor - A child making cookies - kid-friendly recipes. preschool Toddlers

Kid-Friendly Recipies

If you are struggling to convince your children to eat the things you cook or you have carb lovers in your house who won't eat anything green, we have the meals that will help you win them over. Come try new foods with us!

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