Our Mission

To provide high quality educational resources to families who do not have the financial resources or the access to quality early education options by providing a clear and easy to use lesson framework, as well as, blogs, videos, and podcasts 

Our Vision

The Readiness Factor was created out of personal need. We understand exactly how parents feel when they cannot afford the absolute best for thier children. We believe education is the greatest tool we can give children.That is why our vision is to create access for families who do not have access. The Readiness factor has a goal of providing a free, high quality, research based curriculum for families that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. Ensuring that all children are ready to learn and achieve at the highest levels.

Our Model

  • Famly focused learning - anyone can teach their child these basic skills
  • Learning through play - this is the best way for children to pick up knowledge and new skills
  • character building - Focusing on character traits that make for a successful indiviual
  • learning and literacy - read books and using questions to expand vocabualry
  • life skills - learning how to do things that are essential to living independently

Serving Our Community

A large portion of all membership fees go towards community education projects and building The Readiness Factor Scholarship. As we build the funds to actively be a part of ensuring that no one is shut out of education because of their socio-economic situation